Education transforms lives from poverty and ignorance

Reality on the other side of the world… is hard to believe. But what you see and read is true in India.

The State of West Bengal is in the Eastern part ofIndia well known for its history, culture and tradition. Bengali people are warm, friendly and helpful.

Kolkata (Calcutta) some call city of joy, people know the city more where Mother Theresa is never forgotten for her good work.

While you are walking in the centre of this city you will notice many children playing at the pavement with monkeys. This is the home of the monkeys and children that you see in Banderpatti situated in the surroundings of Park Circus. About 20 kilometres from International Airport DUM DUM.

These children have no hope in life and never to know the gates of school and you can imagine what their future can be.

Unknown to proper food, shelter, clothing’s, health care, legal assistance, sanitation, protection against violence, repression of the worst kind.

Unknown to the joy of childhood, family protection, play activities, harmonious social life and security.

Many of them suffer from various diseases due to the deplorable conditions. If these children survive hunger, thirst, the only thing they are rewarded with is… dangerous and low paid jobs, physical abuse, diseases, harassments, problems with the law, imprisonment, small household jobs they grow up to be a illiterate adults.

Global Care Foundation approaches a child by convincing the parents first to entrust their children for their education, then we admit the child to the school, provide school books and uniform, and have a tutor after the school, raincoat for monsoon, and Christmas party every year.

Basic education must be provided to all children, it is the individual right of all children of the nations.

We always welcome like-minded people to extend their endeavour for the support of this event.

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