Community / history

The area Park Circus which is located in the central part of Kolkata ,20 Km away from Dum Dum International Airport. The target children belong to “Banderpatti” community who were victims of the circumstances created by Landlord and finally forced to migrate from Bihar to Park Circus (West Bengal) many years ago. 

Basically these people are Muslim and illiterate. This community is called “Banderpatti” as they earn their livelihood by showing various tricks of monkey (i.e. Bander in the language Hindi) to the public for entertainment.

Around 100 families have been residing in temporary makeshifts along road side of Park Circus area. They are very often become victims of local police and anti-socials.

The work with the monkeys stopped at the end of the nineties. The government banned working with monkeys and ordered the police to take the animals away. This was a big loss. The community did not only lose their animals but also their income.

They suddenly had nothing. This group of people was left to fend for themselves. No one was educated – both, grandparents & parents are illiterate. In order to provide for the livelihood they had to think of something to survive.

Soon this group fell to the criminal: steal, beg, and drug abuse. Also they  were  exposed to life-threatening diseases.

The people of this community must survive. Little is being done to help them. They grab everything, just to go on. The children grow up in this and that is a bad situation. These children are God’s children and deserve a better life in freedom. They have the right to study, so they can change their lives and that of others.

By joining hands, we can help the community to get a better life.. To avoid this situation, we educate the children and ask the parents to cooperate in it.                                                     


To improve literacy rate amongst “Banderpatty Community” and also to make the target to understand about the importance and inculcate consciousness about the education of those needy and poor community.

And also to install the sense of discipline amongst target children and their parents as well. We are working to improve target children towards shouldering responsibility to their parent as well as a good uture citizen to become economically vibrant and self-sufficient.


A group of like-minded people got together ands felt needs of the pavement dwellers and their children and undertaken the responsibility by shouldering the burden and doing the best at our level in bringing back the smile  on the face of deprived children of our society.

We also welcome like-minded people to extend their Endeavour for the support of this event.


After stipulated period of time, the target community must have economically self-reliant and educated towards shouldering responsibility as a good citizen.