Banderpatti Project

Global Care Foundation / Further details

Global Care Foundation is a small Dutch Christian foundation. This foundation is dedicated to underprivileged children of India.

In the center of Kolkata, Global Care has adopted a street which is located near Park Circus. There are about one hundred families: parents with their children, grandparents with their grandchildren and orphans. This is the  Banderpatti community and we have given the name “Banderpatti street project of India”

Global Care Foundation is inviting people, institutions, churches, schools etc. who can help us to support one or more children for the education.


Global Care Foundation was started in April 2003 by Ms. Alie Peters Tigchelaar from Kollum (Netherlands). She travelled to India and met the initiator of the project. With him she visited the community and saw the condition of the people living over there.

The initiator of the project is; Mr. Dolphin Peters. He began with two children. Then friends from England increased to five of them.

Coming back to the Netherlands Alie establishment “Global Care Foundation” At present, the foundation is sponsoring 35 children.


Global Care Foundation is now educating a child from the age of five. The cost for one child per year is € 120.00. That is € 10.00 per month.

The € 120.00 is used for the education of a child. For the school fee, session fee, books and note books, computer fee, school uniform, tie, belt, ID card charges and raincoat yearly. With tuition for  English language an


The school results have been good. It is very encouraging to see the children having great potentiality and eagerness to learn and better themselves.

Sunday School

At the moment there are 50 children coming to Sunday school. We have noticed that even the parents are getting involved in the bible lessons along with their children. Thereby, the Gospel is also been passed down to them.  It is our desire to continue Sunday school further with your donations.


At the end of each year our team in India is organizing a Christmas celebration for the children and their parents. The children sing, dance and show the Christmas story in  a form of skit and drama. Followed by Christmas dinner and handing out the Christmas gifts.

Future / short term:

The Foundation is working towards a stable financial support, so that the project can continue and more children can receive education.

Your help is welcomed wholeheartedly. We look forward to your donation to change the lives of these children.

Long term:

We would like to help the Banderpatti community with – Free feeding program,  Primary medical care and medicine for parents suffering from (TB) tuberculoses.

Additional information

We send newsletter twice a year where you will find the latest information about the project .


We use digital photo slide, Power Point and photo book with text.

Support us

We are looking for like minded people  with a heart to support us, by contributing towards the poorest children in India.Your help will build a good future of a child to become a good citizen of India

Global Care team

The Netherlands.